Clinc is building a voice AI system to replace humans in drive-through restaurants

Clinc, the Ann Arbor-based company, recently took the wraps off its new system that aims to provide quick-service restaurants like McDonald’s and Taco Bell with a voice assistant in the drive-through window.
09.03.2018 22:41

The best defense against deepfake AI might be . . . blinking

Researchers can now detect AI-generated fake video with a 95% success rate–and it’s all thanks to the eyes. A new form of misinformation is poised to spread through online communities as the 2018 midterm election campaigns heat up. Called “deepfakes” after the pseudonymous online account that popularized the technique–which may have chosen its name because the process uses a technical method called “deep learning”–these fake videos look very realistic.

09.03.2018 21:22

6 Apps to help you refocus after your summer vacation

Of all the seasonal shifts, the one from summer to fall might be the most difficult for our concentration. After months of laid-back, half-day Fridays, vacations, and a general slowdown in the office, once autumn arrives, it’s back to business. This can be a stressful transition for many professionals who must now switch from low power to heads-down mode to finish out the year strong.
09.03.2018 21:18

These are the few jobs that robots won’t take from us

The statistics are disconcerting: 800 million people are expected to lose their jobs due to automation by 2030, according to McKinsey. But not all is lost, says Tom Pickersgill, who runs AI-powered staffing firm Broadstone. Positions that call for a human touch — therapists, teachers, nannies — are likely safe. Gigs that require manual dexterity, like barbers, will likely remain with the sentient. And those who get by on creative and emotional expression — artists and singers — will keep plugging along.
09.03.2018 20:18

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How much does consulting cost?
Venture and growth investors are doing a lot to speed up the rise of these worker-bots. So far this year, they’ve poured hundreds of millions into developers of robotic process automation technology, the term to describe software used for performing a series of tasks previously carried out by humans.

What if blockchain turned out to be just what emerging economies were after?



While Clinton certainly did not appear to be a Shingy-esque blockchain evangelist onstage, he delivered a targeted amount of enthusiasm about new technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence in enhancing accessibility and shaping the country’s economic future.

It might be the only way we can break Facebook’s hold on our lives, it could cement Apple’s reputation as a privacy-minded service provider, and more importantly, it wouldn’t be that hard to get people to use it.
Instagram’s co-founders announced that Adam Mosseri, the platform’s vice president of product, is now in charge. Mosseri will oversee all functions of the business and recruit a new executive team, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger said in a statement. The co-founders announced their departure last week — more than six years after Facebook purchased the company for $1 billion. “We remain excited for the future of Instagram in the coming years as we transition from being leaders at Instagram to being just two users in a billion,” said Systrom and Krieger.
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